Time-lapse Collection 2012 Showreel

My time-lapse showreel arrived a bit late this year but here it is…

2012 was an exciting travel year from Svalbard, Norway to Northern Arizona photographing polar bears to ancient Sinaguan monuments. Time-lapse challenges with equipment and software were numerous and new workflows and techniques were forged by inevitable progress.

The monarch butterfly metamorphosis was the most challenging and educational. See my post on the process of capturing this impressive macro event in my studio.

The day-to-night time-lapses are the most difficult to capture smoothly and I tried several new dissolve techniques with varying degrees of success. The big tip is to know the moon phase and other celestial events that will influence your lighting. Shooting in RAW is critical.

Traffic was a new subject tested last year and I discovered the twilight hours produced the best results with a setting of a 1:2 ratio of exposure to interval. A stable platform is a must.

Astrophotography is one of my favorite time-lapse subjects and 2012 offered us a rare chance to witness a full solar eclipse which I botched due to my tripod. Lesson learned long ago was to use a two tripod or mono- tripod combo to stabilize long lenses. And good luck focusing.

My equipment performed flawless this year accept for crossing the leads on a 12v battery which melted. Always cover open battery leads! My Nikon D7000 dealt with extended freezing and hot conditions without any problems. Really hope to use the Dynamic Perceptions MX Dolly more in 2013 with planned car travel.

Some of the software used to create this showreel includes; Photoshop, Bridge, After Effects, Final Cut Pro, Motion, LRTimelapse and Starstax.

My new favorite app is The Photographers Ephemeris  (TPE). It saved me hours of scouting for my time-lapse workshop and worked flawless when we scuttled to Plan B because of fog.

Please join me at one of my time-lapse workshops over the next few months:

ASMP San Diego Time-lapse Photography Lecture & Workshop: May 9 & 11, 2013 in San Diego, California.
Brooks Institute Time-lapse Photography Workshop: July 12-14, 2013 in Ventura, California.

Thanks, Rich.

Music by Alexander Maas, MUX, iStockphoto

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Time-lapse Workshop – Show Reel

This past weekend, a group of photography enthusiasts joined me for an inspiring time-lapse workshop in Ventura, California. Our predawn and twilight shoots with the changing weather were awesome. A passing storm and developing cold front combined with a full moonrise and set were our palette of subjects.
After a sleep deprived 48 hours and lots of creative synergy, our crew produced these memorable time-lapses with a combination of software in Brooks Institute’s lab; Bridge, Photoshop, Lightroom, After Effects and Final Cut Pro.
In the digital lab, our computers were like dueling banjos testing the processing speeds of Bridge, Camera Raw and Lightroom. I personally learned a tremendous amount leading this workshop including software limitations exporting in Bridge, advanced Camera Raw adjustments and a few After Effects tricks. Collectively, we found our camera’s ISO thresholds, optimal file sizes for post-processing and tested a crazy array of intervalometers.
I am already setting a date for my next time-lapse workshop in Ventura sometime this summer. Stay tuned.
Special thanks to the following people….
Workshop Crew:
Darren Edwards, Larry Gibson, Zachary Levey, Stan Pechner, Dennis Stone
Technical Assistant:
Michael Lopez
Brooks Institute:
Katie Huber

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