Time-lapse Workshop – Show Reel

This past weekend, a group of photography enthusiasts joined me for an inspiring time-lapse workshop in Ventura, California. Our predawn and twilight shoots with the changing weather were awesome. A passing storm and developing cold front combined with a full moonrise and set were our palette of subjects.
After a sleep deprived 48 hours and lots of creative synergy, our crew produced these memorable time-lapses with a combination of software in Brooks Institute’s lab; Bridge, Photoshop, Lightroom, After Effects and Final Cut Pro.
In the digital lab, our computers were like dueling banjos testing the processing speeds of Bridge, Camera Raw and Lightroom. I personally learned a tremendous amount leading this workshop including software limitations exporting in Bridge, advanced Camera Raw adjustments and a few After Effects tricks. Collectively, we found our camera’s ISO thresholds, optimal file sizes for post-processing and tested a crazy array of intervalometers.
I am already setting a date for my next time-lapse workshop in Ventura sometime this summer. Stay tuned.
Special thanks to the following people….
Workshop Crew:
Darren Edwards, Larry Gibson, Zachary Levey, Stan Pechner, Dennis Stone
Technical Assistant:
Michael Lopez
Brooks Institute:
Katie Huber

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